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With Simply Advanced you can choose from a range of products and services depending on the scale of your project. You may be looking to make your home smarter, update your audio-visual system or make your home a little more secure. We can help you make the right choices that meet your budget and requirements.

A full ‘Home Automation’ system, sometimes referred to as a ‘smart home’ from Simply Advanced will give you complete control of Lighting, Curtains & Blinds, Heating, Music, Video, Security and CCTV. There are many aspects of controlling these items in the home which all add up to making life simpler, saving you time, energy and money. A typical scenario - you arrive home, sensors on the drive switch on the drive lights, but only if its dark enough, you enter the home and a touch screen or keypad on the wall as you walk in, this allows you to disarm the alarm and switch on the lighting as welcome home scene button. From the same keypad you could start music playing or switch on the TV. Home Automation could even be used to close curtains and switch lights on in your home via timers, or remotely via your phone - so you always arrive to a well lit home, where the heating is set ready. With ever changing technology, it becomes more important to have good Wi-Fi coverage around the home, this allows devices such as TVs and Audio to work well and also gives smooth and seamless control. A full ‘Smart Home’ gives you complete control of your home with the limiting factor being your imagination.

Our commercial systems work exactly the same as our home automation systems but on a much larger scale. Office Automation can help your business' wifi and internal network connections to things like printers and servers. It can improve personal wellbeing by making climate control and lighting much more efficient, and make presentations easily accessible with large projectors or HD TV Screens.

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