Home automation technology

November 4, 2014

Home automation technology

has been around for a few decades in luxury homes. But the industry as a whole has taken its time to get going. You could blame it on clunky, hard-to-use systems with sky-high prices unless you have a professional installation and who knows a professional Home Automation engineer right?.Well here we are! at Simply advanced  we can turn your smartphones and tablets into smart home tech which is easy to use and dramatically more affordable. The home automation industry is projected to grow to £7.1 billion in worldwide revenues by 2018, according to ABI Research, predominantly in the United States we hope to bring the UK forward and enjoy the amazing new technology that is now available.

Here’s a rundown of some of the gadgets and gizmos coming into the home, from the luxury end to the low-cost, do-it-yourself products.

Digital Backsplash

A growing trend in the luxury home automation market is digital backsplash, typically installed just above kitchen counter tops and below cabinets where tiling would traditionally go.

Motorized Televisions

Don’t want to keep your television out in plain sight? Many high-end homeowners are choosing to motorize their TV sets, hiding them in the ceiling, under the bed or in furniture. A touch of a button causes it to emerge from its storage place for use.

Motorized television sets and viewing screens don’t just have to live inside either. Some luxury homes have them installed outside as well, dropping down against the wall of a penthouse terrace or emerging from the ground, poolside.

Smart Lock Systems

A growing number of companies, like Kwikset which peddles the Kevo product (pictured), sell smartphone-operated locks that range in price from £100 to £300.

These smart lock systems, like August’s (pictured), work with or replace traditional locks and deadbolts, granting key less access to home owners through Bluetooth phone recognition technology and allowing those owners to customize and monitor other entrants’ access (like a housekeeper, for example).

Smart Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen is becoming smarter thanks to high-tech appliances from Samsung, Miele, and LG Electronics. Smart refrigerators like LG’s allows you to scan your receipt after grocery shopping so that it can keep an inventory of your items, alerting you if an item is about to expire. It can recommend recipes based on stored contents and when you need to replace items, you can order online via the fridge’s LCD display screen.

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