Litescape – trick your mind into believing you are outdoors

June 12, 2012

It’s hard to imagine that you can trick your mind into thinking it is seeing ‘life outside your window’ when there are no external windows.

Nathan (the boss) came buzzing into the office some weeks back talking endlessly about ‘Litescape’. I have to say as he was talking away, I really couldn’t get my mind around it. Imagine being told you can recreate natural light in a room where there are no external windows. Not only that, you can see trees, sky and if you really want to feel like you’re being taken to paradise, experience a view of the sea and the beach.

We have been in the lighting industry for many years and there have been many products cross my desk and appear in my office. This was something I had to see to believe.

A meeting was set up and along I went to view the product that had got Nathan soo excitable.

‘Blown away’ is the best way to describe it. The panel I saw was of a beautiful blue sky with blossom showing on a few branches of a tree. I felt I needed touch it to clarify in my mind that what I was seeing wasn’t real. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. How on earth was this being achieved? I’ll leave the answer to that with the powers that be and continue to be mesmerised.

The thing that struck me most about this product was its benefits and how we can all relate to them. For example, in creating this natural feel we feel uplifted and this promotes an extended attention span and aids concentration. It can also reduce stress and speed up recovery improving health.

Imagine going to the dentist (a place we all know but not necessarily love!) and when it’s your turn to hop in the chair, looking up and seeing a relaxing view of a blue sky with fluffy white clouds – not a rain drop or grey thunder cloud in sight. Surely those anxious feelings will start to melt away. If only we could silence the dentist drill in the process!

Litescape panels can be popped really easily into the space where a ceiling tile would fit. They can be seamlessly linked together on a wall to create a large window effect with a large range of artwork to choose from to create a feel that’s right for you. These panels are very economical making them even more attractive.

Increase the feeling of space in your home or workplace and create a touch of class along with a talking point. I’m sure you too will feel as excited and mesmersied as we do.

For more information about Litescape, please feel free to give us a call and we will happily talk you through what can be achieved.

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