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by on 24th February 2012

Introduce space and dimension with Skyscape and revolutionize your room. Skyscape units are LED illuminated high definition images of the sky printed on acrylic panels and set within the ceiling creating the illusion of real open sky. This product enhances any room and emulates natural daylight.

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Styles and Features

  • A selection of beautiful images: crystal blue sky with white clouds; overhanging trees with clouds. Our images are captured with one of the highest resolution cameras available worldwide and produce images which are incredibly defined.
  • Create your own Skyscape ceiling image
  • The standard 6ft x 4ft ceiling feature consists of 6 Skyscape units (i.e. 2 rows x 3 columns). However size and layout can vary to meet the design requirements of the room.
  • A standard Skyscape unit sits within standard 600mm x 600mm office ceiling grids making installation easy.
  • Skyscape units can be incorporated into custom made ceilings.
  • Uses efficient LED full spectrum lighting which emits daylight quality light.
  • Option of dimmable lighting.

skyscapeKey Points

  • More than just ceiling art, Skyscape produces a believable sky view which triggers psycho-physiological responses of an enhanced sense of tranquillity and calmness.
  • Opens up enclosed rooms with limited lighting and creates a more comfortable space
  • Produces a naturally-lit and healthier living or working environment


  • Health Benefits
  • Energy saving giving return on investment
  • Low running costs
  • Improved lighting level over fluorescent lighting
  • No purchase of replacement lamps required as with standard lamps and tubes
  • Gives the wow factor to any room

For a free survey, please contact us, alternatively we carry out energy surveys to help you get the most out of your current lighting and energy usage. Typically saving clients thousands of pounds every year.


Viewscape brings you closer to the great outdoors through intriguing high definition footage of nature that you can almost touch. View some of the most beautiful locations of the world all year round through your own window. Listen to the wonderful sounds of the outdoors and reflect.

Styles and Features

  • Choice of the standard french window or louvre window style wooden frames.
  • Standard 40″ commercial high definition screen set within a wall mounted white frame.
  • Comes with sound recordings of nature; waterfalls, rivers, birds etc to recreate the serene ambience of natural surroundings.
  • Packaged with fittings required for self-hanging.

Key Points

  • Viewscape brings the calm of the outdoors, inside. Particularly useful to those who enjoy the outdoors most, but seldom get to experience it.
  • Views and sounds of nature provide a serene calm environment which elicits a relaxation response
  • Viewscape can keep viewers captivated and interested for long periods with a variety of footage. Especially useful in waiting areas to help make waiting a more pleasant experience.

Our Wallscapes are more than just pictures, they’re pictures brought to life. The wallscape contains beautiful high definition images of landscapes set within a top quality frame. A minimum of two frames are hung to stretch across a wider wall area giving the illusion of a vast open landscape.

Wallscapes can be purchased individually to feature still camera shots and the customer’s own images that must meet our requirements to get the desired effect e.g. wedding images, product images for promotion, flowers.

Wallscapes can also be incorporated into room features to create beautiful architectural enhancements e.g. wall and partition features.

Styles and Features

  • A selection of quality frames and images available.
  • Use of LED technology to produce intense quality light which uplifts and effectively illuminates images to have compelling visual impact.
  • Standard sizes of approximately 40″ x 24″, 24″ x 30″ and 24″ x 24″ available, but can be customised.

Key Points

  • The illusion of a natural open landscape creates the feeling of a larger room.
  • Natural sceneries induce mental relaxation and satisfaction.
  • Helps to create a natural environment which reduces stress and improves productivity.

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