LED Lighting – Here to Stay?

May 1, 2012

LED technology is changing and improving constantly, it is generally considered that LED lighting is the way forward.

One benefit being improved and varying light outputs. LED’s are no longer only available in the clinical blue white output as was the case with earlier examples. A warm white LED would generally be used to replace the 240v Halogen lamp previously used.

Secondly the energy saving costs can be so great, it pays for the initial installation within a year or two, giving a saving year on year. In most business’s this can have an additional cost saving where staff are hired to replace blown lamps, which is then not required, due to the life span of LED lighting. Energy saving is a double edged sword! and careful evaluation should be considered where lights are used in areas not often illuminated, the result being the payback on investment is lengthy.

However, it is worth pointing out that if you’re replacing lamps constantly in any one area, this may be an indication that you need to change or inspect your fittings or lamps more closely.

An added benefit is a reduction in the heat which is omitted. Unlike the halogen light fittings that get very hot and cannot be held until cooled down, thus making LED lighting safer to use.
One of the greatest uses for LED lighting of late would be in the ‘Skyscape’ and ‘Wallscape’ products, suitable for any room where no natural lighting is present, or to bring the outdoors into any room.

By using LED lighting, it is now possible to achieve an exact lighting condition of a sunny blue sky, or mountain range when mixed with a Ultra High Definition image, virtually no maintenance, energy saving and without any indication of a light source anywhere.

The real advantage of LED against Low Energy Fluorescent type lighting is of course the colour rendering LED can offer. Reproducing daylight conditions will give your colours a new look if currently viewed under fluorescent lighting. In retail this is equally important and proven to increase sales when displays etc. are LED illuminated.

Although there is not a huge energy saving against fluorescent lighting, LED Lighting is usually a lot easier to dim with most dimming systems, without expensive additional materials and ballasts etc.

LED for Lighting is now a realistic proposition with the above advantages, but bear in mind that the initial investment is where most systems fall down, being too expensive to implement. With LED replaceable lamps a GU10 50W equivalent would cost around £15 for a 6W LED dimmable lamp which will fit into most fittings and has a greater beam angle than the 38 degrees of a GU10.

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